To equip children with the education they need to make healthy nutrition, wellness, and fitness choices.

StarFit Kids™ is a 501(c)3 non-profit that was founded in order to provide evidence-based nutrition, fitness, and wellness education for children Pre-K through 5th Grade. Using interactive lessons and physically active techniques, Lelia Davis, a Registered Nurse, and Sabra Zirkle, a Registered Dietitian, co-founded StarFit Kids to empower children to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

This program is available free of charge to children in a school setting. The StarFit Kids program can be provided to community groups, sports teams, workplace wellness programs, or other groups for a donation.



Our vision is that all children will be empowered to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Each child is inspired to live the Five Point Star of a StarFit Kid:


Be active and play at least 1 hour per day, and keep hydrated.


When choosing foods remember 2 things: choose foods that are low in fat and choose healthy fats for a healthy heart.


Eat 3 well balanced meals a day: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner - Remembering to eat from all the food groups.


Know the 4 portion and serving rules for healthy meals and snacks:

A serving of fruit = the size of a yo-yo

A serving of veggies = the size of a tennis ball

A serving of whole grains = the size of a CD

A serving of meat = the size of a box of 8 crayons


Focus on the 5 "do's" of healthy eating and physical activity:

Cut down on sedentary activity (TV time, video games, and computer) and get moving and playing!

Drink water often, instead of soda or high sugar drinks.

Aim to eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, 3 servings from the dairy group, whole grains, and lean proteins

Use Moderation. Eat candy, chips, fried foods, "junk" food in small amounts or on special occasions.

Eat better to fuel better, play better, learn better, and feel better!


In addition, each class is eligible to participate in an incentive program which encourages the students to live the Five Point Star Guidelines of StarFit Kids.

The StarFit Kids website enables the students and their families to access information about creating a healthy lifestyle with links to related websites that further enhance their education about nutrition and fitness.

Because the StarFit Kids curriculum is designed to meet the Colorado PE Standards and the new 2010 legislation, the information can be delivered during the student’s PE class time. To have StarFit Kids present to your child’s school, please contact us at










{248} 520-0371

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