Lelia Davis, RN - Co-Founder

Lelia Davis, Executive Director of Program Management/Co-Founder of StarFit Kids, is a Registered Nurse, licensed in the State of Colorado. She holds both a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and in Nursing. Her background in Pediatric Nursing exposed her to the epidemic of childhood obesity that is sweeping the country. This inspired Lelia to educate children about choosing to lead a healthy lifestyle. She has volunteered for three years with a local non-profit, Kids On Bikes, in which she taught Fifth Grade students about healthy eating habits and fitness on an annual basis. Based on the positive feedback she received from the students and their teachers, she decided to co-found StarFit Kids, a non-profit that focuses entirely on children’s health and nutrition. She has partnered with Sabra Zirkle, a Registered Dietitian, to create a curriculum that is interactive and motivating.

Lelia also has a personal interest in fitness evidenced by her continued participation in local races. She completed the Pikes Peak Ascent in August 2009 in addition to several other Half Marathons in Pueblo and Colorado Springs. Lelia is an avid supporter of locally sponsored fitness events, as this is an integral way to involve the community in leading a healthy lifestyle. Most importantly, Lelia enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and two children. With all of the sunshine in Colorado, there is ample opportunity for hiking, biking, skiing, and swimming with her family.







Sabra Zirkle, RD - Executive Director of Operations / Co-Founder

After working in both the clinical and private setting, Sabra wanted to use her dietetics skills to have a greater impact on kids. She thought of different avenues and collaborated with Lelia Davis, RN to found and form StarFit Kids. Her goal is to combat the growing obesity epidemic, by bringing nutrition and physical activity to kids in a fun way, so that it becomes a natural part of their lifestyle from a very young age. She believes that with knowledge kids can be empowered to make changes for a healthy future. She is committed to her nutrition calling, both as a mom and a dietitian. It is her biggest accomplishment and joy to see kids smile and take pride in the knowledge that they can make a healthy change.

She loves being active and finished her first 1/2 marathon in 2009, and competed in the Palm Springs half marathon in 2010. Additionally, she loves to hike and road bike but most of all, she loves to spend time outdoors with her children, husband, and dog.

Sabra attended Michigan State University for her BS in Nutrition and food science, and completed a coordinated program at Wayne State University, finishing her masters coursework and internship in human nutrition and food science, and went on to pass her National RD exam in 2000. Sabra has also served as president of the Southern Colorado Dietetics association, and is a member of the American Dietetics Association and a member of the Sports, Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutrition (SCAN) dietetic practice group and a member of Sports Dietetics-USA, a subunit of SCAN. She also served as an adjunct professor of nutrition at Pikes Peak Community College. Sabra is also the Executive Director of Operations/co-founder of StarFit Kids.


StarFit Kids Board of Directors


Amy Patsch, MPH, CHES – Chairman

Lelia Davis, RN Interim Vice Chair

Deborah Helton, CPATreasurer

Ranie BleesSecretary

David P. SteigerwaldAttorney/Board Member

Jessica Cozine-Lehman, PhDBoard Member

Monica Kojsen, RDBoard Member








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